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Date: 2015-01-10 03:34 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Reading over my post, I see that I repeat a good deal of the things you say in your argument, but perhaps my spin on it will be of some interest to you.

The impression I had, not just from Rebellion but also from the end of the series, was that there was an unresolved (and perhaps unresolvable) tension between Madoka's and Homura's wishes. Homura wishes to save Madoka, and Madoka makes a wish that saves herself and all of Kyubey's victims.

Let's recall Homura's wish: "I want to redo my meeting with Miss Kaname, but this time, instead of her protecting me, I want to be strong enough to protect her." Homura's only impact on Madoka's wish (and 'survival') was unintentionally strengthening her to the point where Madoka's wish was possible to grant. This definitely violates the spirit of the wish and arguably the word (Homura wants to do the protecting). Kyubey seems to be generous in granting the spirit of a wish rather than the word for magical girls. There's no reason to believe that Homura wouldn't get her wish as she intended it to be granted. These are exceptional circumstances, though, and the wish doesn't seem to work.

Homura's wish has two clauses. The first is to be able to redo the meeting. Kyubey was forthright in granting this. The second is to be strong enough to protect Madoka. Interestingly, she doesn't appear at first glance to be strong enough to do so. You could argue that given enough repetitions she would find a way to solve the puzzle and save Madoka in the way she envisioned (defeat Walpurgisnacht without Madoka or herself dying, save the city, get married and live happily ever after.)

Madoka's wish throws a wrench in the gears. We never get to see if Homura's puzzle is solvable because Madoka wishes to save herself. Homura specifically wants to save Madoka, and presumably wants to do it without her ceasing to exist as a person, so we can reasonably guess that Homura feels Madoka's wish has made hers impossible to fulfill in the way she intended. This, I thought, was Homura's justification for separating some human part of Madoka from her divine part and recreating the universe in a way that Homura could keep that human part with her; separate, corporeal, and ignorant of her divine aspect. I thought that Homura finally snapped and fulfilled her wish, damn Madoka's. Of course this means that Madoka's wish is now unfulfilled. This creates a conflict that points the way forward to the next installment of the series.

Does Madoka's wish actually constitute betrayal? Could Homura interpret it as betrayal? Has she interpreted it as betrayal even if she knows it's not justifiable to do so? Madoka certainly didn't do it intentionally if she did it at all, but that wouldn't change Homura's impression that Madoka had somehow ruined her only compensation for her hellish fate: her precious wish. Of course, Madoka's wish makes that fate not so hellish, but after a couple hundred times around the block it may be that Homura is a little ticked off that it ended this way (especially since her real goal was to be with Madoka. Madoka quickly peaced out and left Homura to fend for herself. Homura seems to assure the viewer at the end of the series that she equates Madoka's wish with Madoka and will fight to protect it, but that's a lot of loneliness to deal with. She might not be able to maintain that stoic choice forever. I'm not even sure Madoka's wish needs protecting. She certainly didn't protect it from Incubator meddling.) Homura's action at the end of Rebellion seems to be a betrayal of Madoka's wish, so maybe they will both end up feeling betrayed.

Is betrayal the right word to use to describe the situation? I don't know, and the story so far doesn't seem to give us any way to answer this question with certainty, but it's a reasonable suspicion. We'll just have to wait for the continuation of the story to find out.
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